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i haven’t seen the episode yet but a friend told me and im so mad like literally if you were gonna do that at least give us more foreshadowing - i mean makoto and sousuke clearly have foreshadowing to what they’ll end up choosin BUT HARU? NOPE LOLugh


I would have been able to accept his choice if there was SMOOTH foreshadowing, but no. He outright refused to go this path, even got a little violent about it, TOUCHY whenever people brought it up, YELLED, and had a BREAKDOWN.

In one minute he decides he wants to go pro after looking at an Olympic swimmer.


Has he never seen one of them before. Pretty sure you can see Olympic swimmers on TV when… y’know, THE OLYMPICS ARE UNDERWAY. He would’ve been able to see them at least twice in his lifetime since he’s like… what… 17 right?

Rin has been goal-oriented from the day he was born.

Sousuke had to take time to rethink his path.

Makoto took at least a month or so deciding, and probably thought about it once they entered their final year most likely.

But not Haru.

Literally no build-up. This is not writing character development. It’s character DERAILMENT. This is a heaping pile of bullshit and then some. (I’m not even gonna get into the qualms I have about the rest of this episode. I’ll get enraged all over again and I’m tired of being so angry at this…)

Great job Kyoani you give all of them foreshadowing but you fucking do this to Haru. Fuck you and your shitty writing. It seems like the only character you genuinely care about is Rin. Everyone else is just there for the fanservice and drama. Haru’s the protagonist and he deserves a lot better. MY SON.

can u believe i actually got nauseated because kyoani fucked up haru’s character development. they murdered it; they shot it, cut up the limbs, then threw him into the dark depths of the ocean where sea monsters ate it.

he’s my son now you can’t have him i will protect him and nurture him and condone his character development and not turn him into a spineless pretty boy tool

((Putting this up here since not everybody reads the tags: Spoilers for today’s Free! episode. This is a shorter rant, and if you were content with what happened today, I advise you ignore this and mozy on along with your day.))

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I can’t believe ur zuko

i have fire bender hands what can i say


I don’t really forgive people I just pretend like its ok and wait for my opportunity to destroy them

Character Personality Meme

[So I was tagged by two people, karrissarella and asahidear so I’m gonna do this thing, now that I actually have time!]

If you don’t know your personality type, take the test here

Rules: Find out what characters share the same personality type as you here and list the characters that you find relevant below. Then tag five friends and let them know you tagged them:

INFP (Healer)

INFPs are quiet, sensitive people who enjoy meditating upon connections and meanings in the universe around them.  Lost in dreams, fantasies and ideals, they may seem distant at first, but are in fact one of the warmest and kindest of all types—once you get get to know them, of course. 

One type practitioner has suggested that INFPs are the least likely to stand up for themselves; their gentle nature and their dislike for negative emotions mean that they avoid conflict even at their own expense.  But the same practitioner noted that INFPs can be more willing to stand up for themselves if they see that someone else will be hurt if they do not.

[So these are all the characters I know from that list. Note that these aren’t favorites or anything, but more like, “Hey I’ve seen this character I know him/her.” I also don’t care for some of the series these characters are from, but they’re relevant in the sense that yes, I can put a name to their face.

I don’t know who to tag, so just do this if you think it’s something interesting to do!]